The Value of an Agency Practice Nurse

Practice Nurses are knowledgeable health professionals that play a critical role in primary healthcare, by working collaboratively with GPs and other health professionals to deliver safe and quality nursing care, treatment and health education to patients of all ages. Best Practice Nursing Agency (BPNA) offers many advantages and rewarding benefits to working as an agency practice nurse, such as the flexibility of choosing when and where you work to receiving higher pay rates.  Agency nursing means, nurses are in control. As a nursing agency, we help medical centre’s find qualified and experienced practice nurses. But why should you work as an agency practice nurse?

At BPNA, we enable you to take control of your work/life balance because ultimately, you decide when, where and how often you’d like to work. Nurses are given the ability to schedule their work around their lifestyle. Practice nurses play a vital role in enhancing the doctor to patient relationship through providing patient centered care and taking an organised and timely approach to meeting patient’s needs. The benefits of utilising experienced practice nurses are significant to any medical practice’s smooth operation and overall success in delivering a high standard of healthcare services.

The employment of agency practice nurses to any medical practice will lead to greater patient access to the services which they need, an enhanced range of services being made available and a more in-depth management of people with chronic health conditions. This is achieved through the many differing roles of a practice nurse, for instance providing ongoing support and assistance to the doctors, taking a more team-based approach to healthcare and not only promoting safety and quality programs but implementing them. Medical Practices can reap the rewards by hiring experienced agency practice nurses at a cost-effective rate.

The positive outcomes which can be credited to the role of a Practice Nurse includes:

  • a decrease in waiting times for appointments and consultations;
  • less of an overload on GP’s schedule;
  • increased patient satisfaction;
  • provide an inducement to recruit new GPS;
  • a higher level of community care;
  • increase turnover & profitability;
  • greater staff morale;
  • better patient compliance.

There is no doubt about the importance of practice nurses to the healthcare industry, that’s why our nursing agency works hard to produce and facilitate the on-going supply of practice nurses to Medical Centres throughout the Sydney metropolitan and Illawarra region.  Many nurses consider agency nursing at some point in their lives to supplement their income, enjoy different work experiences and gain a greater work-life balance. However, with Health Workforce Australia (HWA) estimating that there will be a shortage of over 100,000 nurses by 2025, staffing crisis news stories dominating the media, many nurses are contemplating their futures within the sector. That’s why working through our nursing agency will be one of the best decisions you make.

At BPNA we are dedicated in helping qualified practices nurses just like you, attain the best nursing jobs without the hassle. We pride ourselves in finding the right medical centre’s for every nurse that matches their qualifications and specialties, and more importantly, preferences. If you are an experienced practice nurse looking for greater flexibility in your home life, top rates of pay, or perhaps you would like to experienced different work environments call us. We are a leading supplier of practice nurses to Sydney medical centre’s and we are committed to providing the highest level of client care and customer service.

We encourage professionalism, integrity and friendliness in all our nursing and business activities.  We offer a personalised service with working closely with our consultants to forge a strong relationship, which enables us to better understand your individual needs and intuitively match you with the right medical centre. As your relationship with the consultant grows, we will learn more about the type of shifts you like and the locations you prefer. This is an excellent way to control your career and achieve job satisfaction.  Our Nursing Recruitment Manager has said “It takes good nurses and clients to make a great nursing agency. At BPNA, we work closely with our nurses and clients to facilitate effective customer service, and promote positive nursing and client outcomes. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of nurses and clients, and have developed the formula for a successful relationship with them. We’re working to a common goal on supplying our clients with the best nursing staff that BPNA has to offer”   

Joining a recruitment agency is much easier than applying to numerous different places. You control your work schedules and it also gives the opportunity to work in different medical centre’s. Still not sure if the agency route is for you? When I asked some of practices nurses why they choose to work for our agency instead of taking up a permanent post, this is what they said:

Working for an agency is easier, as you choose when you want to work. I love the interpersonal relationship I have with BPNA and I am able to have the consultant’s books shifts of where I want to go. They make me feel really valued and part of a team. Its a great work culture and I am proud to represent them

Sophie G, RN Practice Nurse

“ I love the flexibility, as I decide what kind of shifts I want to work. Working with BPNA has many benefits; very reputable, reliable and supportive. They always try to accommodate everybody’s needs. I am in constant contact with the consultants each day, and in the nine months of working with them, there has always been work available. Not many changes in scheduled work or cancellations and they pay well’

Salena H, RN Practice Nurse

“I had been working as an agency nurse in various medical centres whilst in Sydney. I was able to adapt to different work settings and environments, building up my knowledge and clinical nursing skills. I really enjoyed working for BPNA, as they helping my professional development, but had great pay and flexibility. The office staff are welcoming and respectful from the start, professional, supportive and were always understanding and available to assist. I enjoyed working for this agency and would recommend practice nurses to get in contact with them”    Kristen T, RN Practice Nurse

“Best Practice Nursing are quick to address our nursing requirements which they do in an efficient and professional manner, even at short notice – an approach that not only inspires confidence, but generates the results we are looking for. They are pragmatic in their approach, interact well with all our health team and they are always the first agency we approach for our locum nursing needs”    Sue S, Practice Manager

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of working as an agency practice nurse with BPNA, contact one of our dedicated recruitment consultants via email or call 1300 687 733 during office hours.

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Best Practice Nursing Agency (BPNA) is a provider of high-quality nursing services offering experienced nurses with a wide range of expertise and distinctive value to health care organisations across Sydney and greater NSW. We specialise in providing qualified and competent nursing professionals for our clients to support challenging staffing requirements within a wide range of ‘hard to fill areas’. We understand the flexible nature of the healthcare sector and can support your ever-changing requirements. We are aware of the constant fluctuations in staffing within healthcare and are therefore able to fill your last-minute needs. We recruit and provide the services of the following nursing professionals:  Registered Nurses  Midwife  Practical Nurses  Endorsed Enrolled Nurses  Assistant in Nursing / Caregivers BPNA has forged strong relationships with healthcare organisations and we support and service private hospitals, medical centres, long term aged care facilities and private clientele across Sydney every day. We are passionate about the standards in staff and services we provide, and recognise the importance of reaching the highest quality and delivering the best in compassionate care. We have gained a reputation for our ability to quickly understand the specific staff needs of each healthcare service provider. We are proud to offer reliable, efficient and flexible service of immeasurable quality to ensure the continued function of healthcare facilities. We understand health care never stops, which is why BPNA operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year supporting nurses and hospitals with their staffing needs. ‘Join an agency run by Nurses for Nurses’

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