With the increased transmission of Covid-19, it is vital to understand how to keep yourself and the people you support healthy.

WHAT ARE CORONAVIRUSES? Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some coronaviruses cause illness in humans and others cause illness in animals, such as bats, camels and civets. Human coronaviruses generally cause mild illness, such as the common cold.   Rarely, animal coronaviruses can evolve to infect and spread among humans, causing severe diseases such asContinue reading “With the increased transmission of Covid-19, it is vital to understand how to keep yourself and the people you support healthy.”

Choose To Be A Midwife

The main reason nurses get into their profession is because they want to care for patients, and the same is certainly true for midwives. Midwives have a passion for women’s healthcare and want to extend their knowledge with their patients. Being a midwife is more than just delivering babies. Like any nursing profession, Midwifery takes talent,Continue reading “Choose To Be A Midwife”

Palliative care – end of life care takes a special kind of nurse

Strong support is an essential part of life, especially when you’re facing a serious and life-limiting illness. For those living with advanced cancer, motor neurone, advanced lung, heart, kidney or liver disease,  HIV/AID or dementia – palliative care offers the necessary support to manage symptoms and improve quality of life.  End-of-life care is an importantContinue reading “Palliative care – end of life care takes a special kind of nurse”

A ‘Good Bedside Manner’ is an invaluable tool

Irrespective of your field or your years of experience, your bedside manner is what will set you apart from other nurses and provide better health outcomes for your patients. A good bedside manner is an invaluable tool As we all know, having a good bedside manner helps build a trusting relationship with patients. In nursingContinue reading “A ‘Good Bedside Manner’ is an invaluable tool”

Interview Tips with a Recruitment Agency

Job interviews are never easy, in fact, it can be a challenge even when you’re interviewing with a nursing agency you really want to get hired for. With any job interview, it’s natural to feel nervous, but it’s important to project a sense of confidence when presenting yourself and selling your nursing skills. I’ve takenContinue reading “Interview Tips with a Recruitment Agency”

Medication Management for older adults

Medications are the most common treatment for many diseases and conditions seen in older adults. Medicines now not only treat and cure diseases, they aid in the early diagnosis of disease, prevent life-threatening illnesses, relieve pain and suffering. However, for older adults not using  medications appropriately, effectively and safely can have devastating consequences. Managing medicationsContinue reading “Medication Management for older adults”

Are you a Cert IV AIN?

CERT IV ASSISTANT IN NURSING VACANCIES WITH BPNA Mandatory requirements:• Understanding of work health & safety procedures, infection control, manual handling and continuous quality improvement principles• Current Police Check & Working With Children Check• Demonstrate legal eligibility to work in Australia• Current First Aid, CPR, Manual Handling, Hand Hygiene certificates• Deliver high standard of patientContinue reading “Are you a Cert IV AIN?”